31 October 2006

Could you pick me up some Fear at Safeway?

Occasionally the Badger doesn't sleep so well. Is it his conscious, restless with his day's unsavoury deeds? No, the Badger is a very savoury character, mostly. I was wide awake at 10:45 last night (I fear my university self, who never slept until two, is eyeing me with unhidden disgust) and really needed to get to bed, in order to be in top form to save the world at my non-profit (well, actually, I needed to type some stuff. But I digress).

I took a Lunesta. Lovely, lovely little blue pill. I have always suffered from insomnia, and those little babies are magic. I say: pure magic. There might be some powerful non-narcotic drugs in there as well, but who's counting. I awoke this morning with three yellow sticky notes stuck to my book. They read:

I've never tried to describe Lunesta as it takes effect, but it's quite an a amake [sic- I think I was going for amazing here] feeling- jaunty indeed. Staggering around a bit, bouncing from wall to wall. All whit [sic] feeling that sleep might be ever the most best lovely idea, never pushy. Gust. Quiet like when you hear good advice from an aunt you loved dearly, but is dead, no? So where did that advice come from? Maybe she's not so dead. But maybe she doesn't stay under the bed but she gets out and wanders around when you're not looking and that's when you fear her the most, because who wants to see their Fear shopping at the IGA or the Piggly Wiggly. Nobody. That's who.

Clearly, that warning on the bottle about not operating heavy machinery is not a joke.


Coach said...

That explains their new slogan.

"Drop out, tune in. Lunesta"

The Princess said...

Oh my god--that is freaky! At least you didn't take Ambian (sp?), which apparently causes people to SLEEP EAT. I heard a story about a woman who woke up with candy bar wrappers all over her bed in the morning. Scary!

Ar-Jew-Tino said...

I think The Princess just discovered her secret desire: to eat AND sleep simultaneously.

MB said...

Once I woke up and my bed was filled with tater tots. And I wasn't even on drugs.