12 March 2007

Bring Me a Hat and May West on a Stick.

Do we get to wear hats again soon?

I realize that I seem to have missed a lot while I was away, but Jesus, I have almost been back for a year. When did we all start drinking old man beer? Saturday night I enjoyed many a fine old man beer that I had not drank in years, since I was in university and Hamm's was only three dollars and fifteen cents for a six pack. I had some PBR (still tastes like pennies. Why like this?). I enjoyed several cans of Shaffers. At two dollars a can, I say why not?

This trend asks an inevitable question: when do I get my fedora and my watch fob? Will I ride the street car and send telegrams? Will I be allowed to drink at lunch again and smoke in the doctors office? Is this phantom nostalgia? I mean, my dad wasn't even born when this crap was in style.

But, really, who can argue with this hat?