19 March 2007

Hello, Local.

I know this is totally lame and everyone else in the world knows about
this, but I just went to Wonderland Ballroom last week for the first
time. I love it. Why do I love it? Because it looks like a real
bar. It smells like a real bar. It would not be out of place in

That's normally my test to see if I am going to like a bar. There are
exceptions: I mean, I moved here because I didn't want to live in the
Midwest anymore. So I enjoy an evening of sucking my stomach in at
Halo or sampling delicious beer at Matchbox or getting crap spilled on
me in Tom-Tom (ok, that's a lie. That is never ok. Tom-tom can burn
to the ground as far as the Badger is concerned).

But the Wonderland! Normal bar! Good music! Outdoor patio! Be
still my beating heart. A bar where no one asked what I do.


DC sidewalker said...

I'm a big proponent of "real" bars. Have you tried Toledo Lounge (Sun-Wed only)? Or the Fox & Hounds? I think Wonderland is great as well and it benefits from being "out of the way" for the NoVa and MD weekend revelers. Hence, it has cemented its reputation as a true "locals" joint.