27 April 2007

Dear Co-workers,


I am on a conference call right now, and let me tell you some things:


Work place humor is the lowest kind of humor.  “Ha ha- these acronyms sure are confusing!  I feel like we could play bingo!”.  Die.


Just because you talk over people doesn’t mean that you are correct.


If you use words that don’t make sense, then don’t be surprised when no one understands you.  For example, friends, one may not say “We need to find the delta between the two” when one means that you would like to know what the difference is between two things.  Because if you do say that, I will hit you with a shovel.


If you are calling into a conference call, no need to scream out “It’s ME!  SUSY FROM MARKETING!”.  No one cares if you called in.  Shut it. 


Best wishes,


The Badger King




Arjewtino said...


The King said...

Oh, you word stealer, you! Badger says indeed!