15 April 2007

Hanami: Japanese for Drinking Booze Outside

This is crazy overdue, since the cherry blossoms are currently either already dead or soon to shake off this moral coil, but remembering is good times, too. When the manfriend and I lived in Japan there were two times of year that the entire country look forwarded to: cherry blossoms in spring and fireworks in summer.

The cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring, plus, being Japanese, the Japanese use it as an excuse to buy new clothes, dishes and stationary. Also, they use it as an excuse to get drunk outside. Those rascally Japanese. J. and I made a heap load of food, and headed down to the tidal basin to enjoy some contemplation under the cherry trees. A million thanks to Arjewtino for the pictures. Also, for the memories.

The reason for the season. Also, a plant orgy of heaving stamens.

The traditional Japanese vodka-cranberry.

Pretending to like each other.

Mmmmmm. Cupcakes. And satan.

More satan.

Radio. A definite future in Radio.

K. expresses her displeasure with the current state of civil discourse.

I bet you wish you had photos of nice normal people like this that you could show to your families to convince them that you don't spend all day in a bar playing video keno.


Average Jane said...

We really did look convincingly normal in that picture. Almost like one of those generic pictures that come in picture frames... or stay in picture frames if you're, well, me. Little would they know the debauchery that went down that day. Ahh, illusions.