03 April 2007

How do I love thee, National Public Radio?

I love National Public Radio for so many reasons. The soft mead tones of Sylvia Puggioli reporting from Rome while I lay in bed, Bob Edwards sounding just a little bit peeved at the person he is interviewing, Steve Inskeep reeling off headlines, Nina Totenberg doing her strange yet compelling back and forth of the Supreme Court Justices, and that guy who no one knows who says “You’re Listening to National Public Radio”, and you can tell that he is totally capitalizing the right words even though there is no print to capitalize.

But on Sunday I almost died of loving that NPR when Weekend Edition aired this support tag at the end of a (April Fools) story

“…story blah blah blah, end of story blah blah. Support for NPR comes from the Soylent Corporation, manufacturing protein-rich food products in a variety of colors. Soylent Green is People.”

Straight-laced, no nonsense, dead-pan delivery left me and the boyfriend listening to it over and over. It’s creepy, but it’s hilarious. Check it out here, the last 20 seconds or so:



gmr2048 said...

funniest. fool's. joke. ever.