04 April 2007

Keira Grace

I am not a baby idolizer. But this is one cute baby. And obviously, because she is my niece, she is totally cuter than any other baby. Ever.

I think you've got a little something on you there, and there, and...

Like all of our family, she seems to enjoy naps.

This is the best new family picture I have ever seen. Is it possible that my little brother, the one who used to eat ketchup from the packet and once told my parents it was me who had been burning things on the porch, will now raise his own offspring? The mind wobbles.

"Look what sex does!"

Momma K, you look damn good. I love that you have the obligatory post-delivery 'fro. Lovin' that epidural, are we not?

Keira Grace K.
Born April 3, 2007
7 lbs, 11 oz
My niece.

I'll let you drive the car as soon as you can hold your head up.


MB said...

The worst thing about being born via c-section is that there is no cone head for the rest of us to mock.

Les? A dad? I suppose a kid could do worse. ;) Just kidding, Les. You are going to be awesome. Now be a good daddy and go get yourself a sweet ass job so your girls never have to work a day in their lives. Right after you do the laundry and make your wife some dinner.