15 June 2007

Apartment Update

Yeah, I don't really know what is going on. A place that we applied to, waited for, and then never heard from and had written off, called and said they were close to a decision. I had to ask the guy to repeat the address. He seemed shocked I wasn't still waiting with baited breath two weeks later. HELLO PEOPLE. WE WERN'T APPLYING FOR FUN.

We saw a place on Saturday that is *perfect* (Apartment No. 20). I will wait to describe it, as I, while normally being a rational person, have decided to suspend disbelief and engage in cognitive dissonance, and I think that telling you about it would spread the bad karma, and I would be punished by having this perfect apartment burn to the ground, or given to some idiot with a popped collar and pleated kakhi pants.

What's the patron saint of apartment hunters? I feel like I need to be buying some candles from the hispanic section of Giant and burying a statue of some saint in the yard.


HRH King Friday XIII said...

You should include in your next blog enetry a Da Vinci Code-like cipher as to the location of this perfect apartment.

That way only members of the Order of the Badger will know its whereabouts.