07 August 2007

TenPhen: Swoon.

I have a new restaurant boyfriend, and it is TenPhen. I mean, it’s not exclusive or anything, as I already have a date lined up with Acadiana on Wednesday, but whatever. Ten doesn’t need to know about that yet. It’s not like we went all the way.

I wish my digital camera wasn’t broken, so that I could taunt you with the delicious pictures of the amazing food that I ate, but you will have to just read the descriptions and drool. Drool I say! The meal started off with an amazing calamari salad- still warm, seared, tender squid was served in a bed of tender spinach leaves. I ordered a whole crispy fried fish, which arrived fragrant and blissfully crunchy with a fish sauce and palm sugar sauce in which to dunk my still sizzling manna from heaven. Dessert was a chocolate mousse so intense it made you pucker, the roasted banana whipped cream taking the edge off. Totally amazing. I love restaurant week.