20 October 2007

Cruel But Fair.

I would like to just be totally cruel and punishing for a moment. My friend DC Katastrophe and I drove out into darkest Virginia yesterday to rape and pillage the Target. I needed to cut the cord on my computer so that I could surf the net while eating, watching TV, or, lord yes, even using the john. God I love technology.

Ms. Katastrophe had regaled me with war stories of the difficulties of setting up this wireless router. I would be calling Verizon. I would be calling the manufacturer. I would be calling India. I would be plugging and unplugging alot of things.

As I unpacked the box, I must admit, I felt a certain trepidation. There was an awful lot of documentation. There were many phone numbers supplied to assist me in reaching the people that understood the magic that is this wireless router. There were bright red stickers that told me to not plug in this son of electronic-Beelzebub until specifically instructed to do so, lest my files become corrupted, my internet become severed, and all my days be spent in the desert of no youtube or flickr.

All that sweat on my brow was for not, as my installation consisted of the following steps:

1) plug in router.
2) plug in internet to router.
3) select name for network.
4) choose password (this took me the longest of all- i never do a good job choosing passwords, and then ten minutes later I can't remember what they are and I have to "recover" them using a baseball bat and my visa card.)
5) use internet.

That was it. So, to be cruel but fair, I must be the smartest man in the entire universe. Take that, world.


Princess Amber said...

I am so afraid of getting wireless that I just sit in the backyard and steal it from my neighbours. I recommend that you password protect your account for exactly that reason...


katastrophe said...

whatever. I'm pretty.