03 October 2007

Quebec Photos, Plus-Bonus extras!

These are my peeps doing birthday things, London-style. London, Ontario that is! Represent zoo animal part hats! Happy Second Birthday, Dorein!

Did anyone mention that I am gay? Well, if not I am sure that everyone found out when I spend a whole day crafting an Elmo cake. Hurray!

Quebec's trees even dress better than ours here in the District of Colombia.

This sandwich, smoked samlon and tomato on olive bread, would cause Cosi to explode into a supernova of failure. It cost $1.75 and is the best sandwich I have eaten if four years. A woman named Chloe or some other ridiculous French name made it , and she called me mon cheri.

OH MY GOD THE CHEESE. The reason the rest of Canada couldn't let Quebec separate is because they are hooked on this cheese, the crack of the Quebecqois. I don't blame them. I envy their addiction.

Looks like the Pope used to kick it here too. Good for him.

I'm sorry, do you not live on a ski mountian? Oh, what a pity. I don't either, but I did get to for three days and it was fantastic. I pretended it was all mine, and when it was taken from me, I vowed revenge. I was also kind of lonely, ne pas?

Even the bridges are ridiculously photogenic. Really, I am telling you, I have found where I will emigrate to. I will live under this bridge in a box. And eat fish from the river. And enjoy nine months of winter.

MY NIECE! She has gotten so cute, and also ornery, which means practical jokes will abound soon.


Princess Amber said...

Sandwiches, bridges, babies, cake, cheese and deserted mountains all in one holiday. No wonder I like to travel with you, King.

MB said...

That cake is even more fantastic then I had imagined!