17 November 2007

Hurray! I Embedded Things!

I should be given a medal of honor. I worked out one of the simplest things to do ever, by myself, with out even looking more than once at google for directions! I embedded video! Champagne all around. And to celebrate my new found skill, I shall embed yet another video, this time a song by an Australian named Ben Lee. Apparently, there he is loved/hated, like Kelly Clarkson would be here if she could do any songwriting on her own. Oh snap! That's right! I made a pop culture reference! More champagne!


HRH King Friday XIII said...

he's kinda cute. but i swear i've heard this song in a TV commercial.

The King said...

And by cute, I do hope you mean "I'd do him with a bag over his head".

Anonymous said...

No sir, I don't like it. I usually find Australians refreshingly real, but that guy's facial expressions are just plain painful! To say nothing for the horrible song. This guy is worse than James "my last name is fake" Blunt.

To hear a GOOD Aussie artist, check out The Cat Empire. That is all.