30 November 2007

Movember Comes to a Close

I'm sorry, does my sexy mustache make you feel uncomfortable? Racist.

Well, it's been an entire month of Mustachioed Glory. It's been great to share the mustache love with the world but it's time for it to be over, to be honest. Parents have started full on grabbing their children and shielding them from me at the grocery store. People edge away from me on the train. And moreover, it's getting long enough that food gets in the ends of it and that is totally wrong and broken.

But, The Committee for the Restoration of Alex Trebek's Upper Lip Hair, AKA Alcohol and Razors, has raised over $3500!! Many times over our original goal of $1000, we thank you so much for your generous donations!

For those of you who hate men and want them to die so didn't contribute, I feel ambivalent towards you. You can, however, buy my love, by donating now!

For those of you who just forgot, all is not lost! Today is the last day, but you can still get your contribution in! Donate now!

Tonight the shaving begins, but before it does, please feast your eyes on the month old mustache, in all it's glory. Mustache, you powerful beast you. We stand in awe.