18 February 2008

Well, Now, Six Weeks Is a Little Overkill

Yeah, I needed a bit of a vacation from posting. The way I needed a hole in my head. Because before I took six weeks off of blogging I was so very, very good at blogging every day.

A lot has happened, that I will expand on in the next couple days. I work at Sonoma now, a great restaurant in DC. I do a lot of chopping. A lot.

I love President Clinton's Education Tax Credit. Thanks for all the cash, Federal Government! I'll be sure to spend it on booze and floozies, the way Bill intended.

The second phase of cooking school has been awesome. It feels excellent to be good at something. Something that I can describe in one sentence, that doesn't require the words "synergy", and which produces a tangible thing at the end of the day.

I voted for Barak.

I continue to love Eastern Market and its myriad sausage and cheese eating opportunity.

I've started riding my bike to work again and I love it.

Now I have to watch tv for awhile, so more later. Kthxbai!


Arjewtino said...

Woo hoo!

Spit Up said...

Holy Cow I can't believe I even checked this- good job getting back on the blog! P.S. Obama rules!!!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

I like that you voted for Obama, but I don't like that you used "synergy" in a sentence. Welcome back!

The Secular Friend said...

I don't like that you voted for Obama, but I do like that you spelled his name wrong.