22 September 2008

That's Right. Updating from the cafe. Using my nerd phone.

Typing out sweet love letters to the internet is infinitely more fun when you do it from your tiny smartphone. Sip some coffee. Tap tap tap. Stare out the window. Imagine everyone saying "why look at that smart man over there! He's captured the entire power of the internet on that tiny, stylish baubble!" It's true. I did.


Princess Amber said...

Don't you think they're slightly more likely to be saying 'Wow, look at that poor nerd-man. I hope the dating site he's visiting comes through with the goods real soon so he doesn't have to have coffee alone and write to the faceless internet.' Ok, that was cruel and this is envy speaking: You can do that on your phone? Humph, stupid never-ceasing wonders!

HRH King Friday XIII said...