08 October 2008

I'm an Insensitive Boar.

Yeah, so remember all intensive purposes?

I would hate to be an insensitive boar, but apparently THAT IS THE INCORRECT USAGE OF THE PHRASE.

I am apparently an insensitive bore.

Let's compare and contrast, shall we? A boar is something that is totally insensitive, obviously, being like 800 pounds of angry/awesome bacon-on-the-hoof. But a bore is just someone that you don't invite back to a party. And if they were insensitive, well then who cares. You didn't want to invite them next time anyway.


echidna girl said...

I think there might be some rather sensitive boars out there in the wild, contemplatively munching on their wild grasses who would rather enjoy being invited out to dinner, sipping a fine vintage and discussing this with you further.

Another fine post, by the way.

Sassenach said...

Actually, it's "boor." Or, you could be a boring, boorish boar.