31 December 2009

Beach Causes Retardation

No really.  It does.  Sitting in the sunshine and then running off to splash in the waves is making me dumber by the moment.  I have spent the last two days memorizing EIGHT thai vowels.  And I'll be honest.  I'm not sure I actually have them down.  But thanks to the side effects of the sun and water, I have become too dumb to notice.

Tonight, on the final day of the year, there are gigantic speakers being set up on the beach, as well as ridiculous amounts of beverages being laid in by the beach-side bars.  The full moon has decided to sync with the evenings events, piling even more tinder onto the bonfire of twenty-something beach goers that are ready to puke into the surf to celebrate another passing year.  Hurray!  A pinnacle for western civilization! 

I'm being entirely too cynical, because I plan to have more than the recommended dosage of beer and dance my ass off under the stars.  Don't be surprised when I drunk dial you at your mom's house.