13 July 2006

I interviewed for a job yesterday. It was a job I wasn't really sure that I wanted doing something that I think I might possibly find enjoyable. As you can tell I have really strong opinions about my work as of late.

The interview went well and the man that would be my boss, from now on referred to as the CR, would be great to work for- really really great. The problem is that I am a temp, so I have already been working here for a couple months and I know all the people involved with the decision. And when I went into the interview I didn't really care that much about the job. Now I want the job. If I don't get the job, I will feel the shame of having been denied. And since all of this, my current work, my possible future work and the interview location as well as the CR , reside all on the same floor of the building, I could effectively have to cordon most of the office off, a DMZ of embarrassment and shame.

Oh, the humanity.

But the coffee machine is on that side...