11 July 2006

What a Difference the Bus makes

Morning sunshine! Rise to greet the day! Any thing is possible! Time for some coffee, mmmmmmm delicious coffee. Walking to to bus, walking to the bus. What a pretty day. It will be such a good day. I am so going to get stuff done, find a job with benefits, write amazing things and feel good about myself. Walking, walking, hey look at that house! Beautiful! And for sale! Holy shit they want $485,000. Let's see, at sixteen dollars an hour I would have to work for... oh my god. OK, things are still ok, I have a good apartment. Would be nice to have health care, but that's the breaks living in the new America. (Quiet humming of Green Day's “Give Me Novacaine”) Ahhh... the bus: damn it... it's full and goes sailing past. Here's another one. Good- no air conditioning. Awesome. Well, my shirt is kind of wrinkly because I don't own an iron. Maybe sweating will cause it to look more ironed.

(45 sweaty minutes later)

That was the fucking stupidest idea I ever thought of. DIE. EVERYTHING DIE. Shirt: Soaked. Me: Hot. Work: Stupid. Moving back to America: Dumb, dumb idea. Song in my head: Nirvana's “Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam”.