14 September 2006

Dela-wary in Delaware

This past weekend was the last warm weekend of the summer. I knew it would be. Jesus left a message on my machine. I, the boyfriend and the English Guy (visiting from... surprise: England) drove the General Sherman to the beach in Delaware. Oh Delaware: The First State. Seriously, you couldn't have a more creative state name than that? No, no you couldn't.

I had never been to Delaware before. The EG had never been to Delaware before. Only the boyfriend had been to Delaware, back in the days before I completed him (natch). I just had to google natch to make sure I was using it right. I am awesome. Anyway, Delaware. It's crazy out there. It is all flat. And those people out in Delaware, they LOVE them some strip mall. We drove out of DC stuffed into the General Sherman and were whisked to Annapolis, where things started getting a bit, shall we say, delawarish. I was dela-wary. Shall I dela-stop the pun? Yes. I shall.

As soon as we crossed the bay bridge, things started turning pear shaped. I don't mean to judge, but I am going to judge now: strip malls = stupid populace. Trust me, I am from the middle of the country where strip malls roam the plains like displaced buffalos. If the citizens of a town allow strip malls, you should hurry up and move away because those people probably think that the moslems are just getting what is coming to them and Bill Clinton is one of the seven signs. They are wrong.

When we arrived in Dewey Beach, I realized that Dewey and Rehoboth (two beach towns about three hours from DC, for those fine readers who live outside of the belt way, all two of you.) are just one big strip mall. Seriously, there are like five outlet malls, all of the marts (both Wal- and K-) and a bunch of tacky random crap thrown in as well. Even the best place to eat crabs in town, Lazy Susan's, is located in the parking lot of a strip mall. Our motel? Next to a strip mall, and across the street from a strip mall. But the beach, oh that was nice. The north Atlantic isn't known for beautiful beaches but I have to say, this one hit the spot. Just be glad they haven't turned it into a strip mall yet.

Picture taken from a strip mall. Well, not really.


Anonymous said...

you didn't say if the three of you hooked up or not.

Anonymous said...

and i mean with each other. I've been to rehoboth before ;)

Ar-Jew-Tino said...

You can always tell when an Anonymous comment is from Nickels.