26 September 2006

Oh My Holy God What Have I Done

I just bought a $500 Ford Escort Wagon. That's right- I bought a FORD ESCORT WAGON. OF MY OWN FREE WILL. (hyperventilating into a bag, breathe, breathe, breathe). I maintain that all of my research is paying off here, and that yes, this car, with it's small mechanical problems that are easily fixable will be a good car to own for the next six months. I know this in my rational head. I know it. But I JUST BOUGHT A STATION WAGON.

I am cheap. Others consider it thrifty, but I know in my heart that if I am ever a millionaire, it will be because I saved 22 cents by buying off brand floor cleaner. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on cars. I figure that if this piece of proverbial crap holds out for six months, then my total car payment was like 20 dollars a week, including insurance. Sweet!

But still, I just bought a silver station wagon.


Sassenach said...

Could be worse.

It could be a MINIVAN.

For what it's worth: most millionaires are people who pinch pennies. They just don't make the cover of magazines.

Coach said...

Dude... even if the wagon bursts into flames, loses a tire, the bumber falls off, and the headlights lights explode sending tiny glass fragments through your busted windhsield-- all while you're driving-- IT STILL BEATS RIDING THE METRO.

Grant said...

You're gay. You can't own an old station wagon.

You have to own a new, shiny, Saab/BMW/Toyota Matrix-ey station wagon. That's what "The Gays" own.

You know--like Monica's infamous "Fagwagon."