14 November 2006

Feasting on Babette

I just watched Babette's Feast . Yes, I am totally lame. I am aware of that. Does it make me less lame that I have already seen it? Twice. And read the book? No? Oh. Well then. What if I told you I had read everything that Isak Dinesen has ever written? Or that she spins a fantastic story about living with unfufilled lives? Still nothing? Well, you must be a Calvinist then. Or dead. Both are possibilities. Maybe you didn't hear me because you were eating a Double Big Mac Combo meal from McDonald's.

Babette's Feast is about the interplay between sensuality and pietism, specifically the sensuality of food. It's a great story. Go read it now. Or rent the movie. And do not watch it while eating a Stouffer's Lean Cuisine. I will hurt you.

Babette, staring wistfully at food, while an old man wishes she would get off her ass and make a pie.