22 November 2006

The Thanksgiving Ten

The Ten Things for which I am Thankful:

(1) Not ending a sentance with a participle.
(2) Safeway: both their delicious foods and mind-bogglingly incompetent staff make my life more interesting.
(3) My new car: el Yaris es el mejor. ¡Orale!
(4) My new job which provides my new health insurance. Three flu shots? Why not?! I'm not paying for it!
(5) All the travels I have done and all the people I have met. If I died tomorrow, at least I would have gotten to drink questionable things with strange people in dangerous places.
(6) My family: all of you are, in one way or another, completely insane.
(7) The Boyfriend. We get along. Sometimes rockily, sometimes smoothly, but I wouldn't want to attempt the journey with anyone else. It's too intoxicatingly fun to do it with you. Even Safeway and MetroBus become more hilarious, disruptive and ridiculious when you are along.
(8) The Friends: You know who you are. Well done, all of you. Except you. I know what you did.
(9) Having a brain: trés useful.
(10) A holiday where the only religion visible is gluttony, the only worship is directed towards poultry and football incants a verse all afternoon that we need to hear.

PS>> Bon Voyage to The Princess and Arjewtino: ¡que coman unos tacos para mí!


Coach said...

I'm thankful for the internet- mainly for pornography, but also to read your blog.