08 December 2006

Afternoon Grump

Ever felt like you really wanted to stab people in the eye?

Yeah. Me too. Right in the eye. With a pen. I’d start with this guy.

Wouldn't I look better with a bic in my retina? Yes. Yes I would.

Then move on to these two. I become enraged at the sight of them.

"Look at us! We are both misshapen! Let's date and then not and everyone shall care! Oh no, Lance! No one is paying enough attention? What ever shall we do?" Bics to the eyes boys, bics to the eyes.

I’d finish up with this lady.

No no, stop, it's not about the hate. It's about my boobs, and their hate. For others. Ahhh! My eye!

No, I’d probably go for one more.

Nothing can express my worthlessness. Not my precious eyes!

I mean, they wouldn’t die. They’d just be paying for the pain they cause the world. With a bleeding eye socket. Seems fair to me.

Yeah, I didn’t sleep so good last night. I might should find some coffee.


Ar-Jew-Tino said...

Boobs and hate don't mix. Wait, sometimes they do.