20 December 2006

Surprise! Weiner.

Last night I was laying in bed, as I am wont to do. All of the sudden, looming out of the semi-darkness of the AutoZone parking lot next to our apartment, a huge, flesh-colored tube came to a slow stop. It's engine turned off, and a small, Asian woman dismounted from her WienerMobile. That's right. The Oscar Meyer WienerMobile parked in our alley.

Ummmm... is it just me or is the meat WAY out of proportion to the bun?

The WM's driver is a friend of our neighbor. It almost makes me sad that instead of staying here and getting to know the WM and it's driver, and maybe getting to drive the WienerMobile myself, I'll be going here:

Hate me just a little bit.

Trade offs in life are a bitch. But hot DAMN! The WienerMobile! How many more times can I type wiener? Wiener!

Oh, and Merry Christmas.


english guy said...

Mobile or not, I think you've ridden enough wiener in your time.

MB said...

Is that the bed at your budget motor inn? ;) Oh well - as long as it doesn't rain I guess!

honeykbee said...

As if there's anything better in the world than a surprise weiner!?

the princess said...

Holy! That's amazing!

grant said...

why would you leave the country when the wienermobile is in your neighborhood?


Coach said...

An asian woman was driving the wiener mobile?! Holy shit, watch out!