08 January 2007

My Be-trucked Avenger

Sometimes commuting in DC really sucks. Newsflash, I know. But this morning something totally awesome happened.

I, trudging though the rain, wishing I had remembered my umbrella, had just missed my bus at the crosswalk. Had I awoken thirty seconds earlier the bus would have been my chariot, my womb, my place to read the newspaper out of the rain. But I didn't, so the bus went wooshing by with an angry hiss, splashing water. I darted across traffic, risking my life. People who drive from Maryland into the district do not like pedestrians, it seems. They do enjoy honking.

There was some problem at the traffic light far ahead that was keeping traffic to a crawl. I ran after the bus. I almost caught it, and then it picked up speed and moved further away. A greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit, I continued the dance of the late commuter. I would advance on the stalled bus, and then just when I was a few lengths away, traffic would pick up and it would proceed. I would gain, then again, my gains would be lost. Finally the bus just up and left me. So I did what any rational adult does. I stood on the sidewalk and flipped off the receding bus while humming “La Marseillaises .”

That's when my avenger showed up, driving a blue pick up truck. He yelled from the rolled down window “We gonna catch that bus! Get in!”. I complied. He had also been stuck in traffic and witnessed my unsuccessful bid to catch the errant bus. We flew down 16th Street, passing cars and running red lights. I asked him if he usually drove this fast and he said “Only when I'm tryin' to catch a bus.” Really? Does he do this often? True to his word, we passed the bus, and at the next light, I jumped out.

I got on the bus and slapped down my SmartTrip card with the passive-aggressiveness only commuters can truly attain. My every motion screamed out my anger at the bus driver. I am sure he was like totally shaking in his bus driver seat.

That guy totally kicks ass. Thanks, Jamaican-carpenter guy with the blue truck. You make DC an acceptable (and hilarious) place to live.


LastminuteLyn said...

I walk in Maryland and Marylanders want to run over walkers in MD too.
I think they are overstressed paying for their overpriced town homes to be courteous to pedestrians

HRH King Friday XIII said...

That's a beautiful story. Kinda gives you hope for this city.

And yes, Maryland drivers are the worst! To anyone with MD plates who reads this blog: stop swirving all over the road!

There's no way that kind man could be a Maryland driver. No way.

JMK said...

Maryland drivers along 16th Street and on Rock Creek Parkway suck rocks! Although, in fairness, Virginia drivers along Constitution Ave and throughout downtown D.C. suck rocks, too. Oh, let's just face it: anyone driving a car in this storied town pretty much sucks rocks.

Except for the guy in the blue, bus-chasing pick-up. He just plain rocks!

Thinking Fool said...

Glad it wasn't Gary Ridgeway who picked you up.

Grace said...

That guy deserves a Keepin' It Real Award. It's people like him who make this swamp a decent place to live.

Sweet said...

Love stories like this. Wish I heard more of them!

Amber said...

I have the cutest picture of you in my head - running up the street in the rain!! Also, can you please admit that the Jamacian-carpenter guy was cute? Just for me? Cos that makes the story so much more, well, hopeful.