09 January 2007

Momentary Privations, Booming Repercussions. Well, not really. I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Today my key drive died. Damn you key drive. Damn you to hell! I never realized how much I depend on that little piece of plastic magic. My work has decided that the internet is sexy ankles and restricts us like angry imams from accessing most sites that the majority of people would find normal. They cover our network with an oppressive burquah called "Netsense". Damn you too, Netsense. Long story slightly shorter, because of said electronic modesty, the only way to access my personal email is to run an email client from my handy key drive. Which died today.

So there was no email. I also keep my browser on the key drive, so that in the case of an emergency raid my honor would remain intact. I mean, what might happen if they found that I had been visiting such indecent sites such as Google Documents, Google Calendar, Yahoo Groups or moveon.org? Horror of horrors! Yes, I am of course admitting that here and now, but what ever. If you fire me for this then I will take the whole building with me (Attn FBI: this is sarcasm. do not release the hounds.) Having my browser on my key drive also meant NO INTERNET.

Gasp. Gasping Gasp. Gasp.

What the hell did we do before the internet? REALLY? WHAT DID WE DO? The mind wobbles.


Coach said...

It's good to know that people in the workplace have thier internet access more heavily scutinized than child predators.