26 February 2007

Lenten Hardships

Where was I, the innocents ask? Why has the badger been missing for so long? Why has he forsaken us? None of your damn business. Yeah, keep to your own, you dirty clenchers. I have my own life and I’m going to live it. I’m going to get what I want! So stay out! I never asked to be born!

In the words of Addison Shepard, a fictional doctor from a show that I would prefer to not admit that I watch: there is a land call passive-agressiva, and I am it’s queen.

So, to make up for not posting in, say, twenty eight days (coincidence that 28 days is also the length of most in-patient drug rehab programs, or not?), I am going to post 28 times before April. That’s right. You, precious reader, get to read twenty eight posts about random crap that will make your eyes bleed. Enjoy. It’s lent, so really, I think we are all supposed to be suffering, no?


Coach said...

Let the mayhem begin, you junkie. ;)

Anonymous said...

I found the ultimate lenton loophole: Give up Catholicism for Lent!

CFV said...

My boyfriend couldn't give up Catholicism; he settled for his virginity.