08 March 2007

3 AM: Time for TV

Living in a city has it's advantages and disadvantages, but I will tell you this: living close to people only has disadvantages. Last night at three am, my upstairs neighbor, who must be at least sixty-five and enjoys having lengthy conversations with herself while standing next to the front door of our building, of which you as her neighbor are free to drop in and out of, decided to watch a slasher film. At jet-engine volume. Thanks, Alma: that was totally rockin'. Don't expect me to bring your Saturday Fedex delivery of insulin upstairs anymore. Let's see how much tv you watch from your coma.


MB said...

You better just hope she doesn't go into a coma with the TV on. You heard about that dead guy they found with the remote in his hand right? He had been dead for over a year. With the tv on the entire time.