01 March 2007

I Dream of Orca Whales. Not Really.

Do you know what makes a person feel real good at the end of winter? To wake up and feel that it's over. I know that, in the near future, somehow the great cosmos will conspire to dump a foot of snow on me and kill all the spring greens, but yet work will still not be cancelled. But we're almost out of the woods. Like a terrorizing moment in a vampire movie, we're scared, but the sun is rising. Take that winter.

This morning it felt like it was over. I biked to work (that's right, all five miles of it- everyone act like I am a hero now...), I had old Regina Spektor on the earphones, I was even doing that thing down sixteenth street where you ride real fast and then put your legs out in front of you and yell "WWWWWHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". I did that until a police car, which was behind me with me knowing it, squawked it's siren at me.

Whatever Po-Po. Winter is over. I'm going to be doing that a lot now.


MB said...

Spring arrived in Virginia yesterday. What was the first sign I received? The sun beating down? The chirping birds? No, it was that the frozen dog poop on my deck had finally thawed enough to be scraped off. Aaaah, Spring.

Coach said...

Almost one full week and no new posts! where's all the new posts you promised us? Hmmm?

Dance, monkey, dance!