26 March 2007

Amy Winehouse Just Made My Head Explode

If you haven't heard of this woman before, imagine Aretha Franklin
belting out songs about rehab. It's all down dirty mo-town sound, and
this girl has some serious pipes. I've been biking to her, and she
has turned out to be a Sing Out Loud Album, much to the
delight/consternation/confusion of pedestrians. The Sing Out Loud
designation doesn't necessarily indicate the highest quality music in
my collection (Blondie, Eartha Kitt and Green Day all make the SOL
list, in no particular, as well as such embaress-tacular songs such as
Mika's Grace Kelly and the Brady Bunch Song), but we like what we

Imagine my bizarre mind implosion when I googled her, only to discover
that she isn't black. I mean, she sings like she spent her whole
childhood belting out gospel at some AME church in Gwinett County,
Georgia. But no. In the theater of my mind, when I am belting out
the chorus 'they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no'
she is holding one of those big old microphones that drop from the
ceiling on some smoky stage in a saloon, wearing a black dress and a
thinking-woman's afro. What am I supposed to do with that image?
Replace it with this whinging English girl, pasty skin and all?

Stupid stereotyping brain.


Princess Amber said...

No! No! No! I love her, too! So pleased you're on the Winehouse Wagon.