26 March 2007

Vive la Extra

MetrobusExtra kicks ass. It's clean, quiet, and doesn't stop every
six feet. What's not to love here? I couldn't believe the difference
in time that it made- literally cut the time it normally takes to go
from Kennedy to Chinatown from forty to twenty, max. Awesome. I love
you, Mr. Catoe. Yeah, I know you are just coasting on the coat tails
of the incomparable Danny, but well done. Another couple well
executed projects and I'll let you get to second base.

One thing, though. MetroBus Extra? Really? Rapid Bus wouldn't have
been better? Or MetroRapid? Or MetroExpress? Come on now. I know
we work for a massive government bureaucracy, but you took the time to
come up with MetroBus Extra instead of just calling it Proposal
X45J-0071 or whatever, could you have not taken an extra half a day,
brought in some Chinese food and cheap beer and let the interns go
wild with the bus naming? Come to think of the interns that I know,
that might not be the best idea. MetroRam comes to mind. Or
MetroHOTT! Or MetroSexual. Everybody's into metrosexuals these days.