14 May 2007

What Spam Through Yonder Window Breaks. Cialis $1.67!

A morning poem, presented to me by the spam awaiting me in my inbox:

He has cheated the web out of millions.
Simple Concept and $6000 a week, A ecru, those crumpler!
But whichever, Milam Ligderwood. Be a leadwood!
His nightfall, whoever brunette, at name:
So this is Erwinville.
Limited Account Access Appeal Denied.
You is Bullville.
To cesnium, is Aunt medaryviller, herself an aprententice wanted.
With Lenora at Hagerstown, not Lavon and schedule, Introduce special discounts for all our customer.
The Secret Pays, and Pays and Pays!
International Legal RX.
You so combinatoric.

Don't have time to vist local drugstore?
Buy medications at the best possible prices! Rx!
Company Representive is Needed for Payment Collection.
For Your Eyes Only.
Wholesale Rolex Replica Watches Today!
Prices uncompromised.


Princess Amber said...

Maybe you can get a better spam filter for your birthday? But then where would your poetry come from? Not to mention your penis enlargements...

How about the Pyramid Scheme Haiku next?

HRH King Friday XIII said...

omg that's hillarious. I guess a thousand spam-bots typing will eventually write shakespear-- horny shakespear, anyway.