23 May 2007

The Prayer of the Apartment Hunter

Oh Craigslist, Washington Post, Citypaper: Offer up your apartments. Bestow upon us bright 1BRs with wood floors and a gas stove. Provide windows. Banish the dank. Together we pray

Teh Internets, that are floating in the vapors,
Indispensable you be.
Thy time of usefulness come, thy will be done,
In reality as it is on our myspace pages.
Give us today an apartment we can live with
and make sure it's not too much,
as we ensure that it is free of creepy-crawling plagues.
Lead us not into the basement apartment of a crack dealer
but deliver us from junior one bedrooms for $1800.
In the name of Google, Wifi and fiber optics,

P.S. We need parking, too. K Thx Bai!


Princess Amber said...

I just wish you would write one everyday

katastrophe said...

glory be to the square footage, paint-ability, and washer dryer.
Is now, and ever shall be,
lease without end.


Anonymous said...

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