02 July 2007

Update: It's Summer.

  • Our CSA farmshare has kicked into high gear. Wait, that's a lie. It's hard to be patient to eat tomatoes and corn and all of those other "summer" vegetables when they are not really in season yet. What is actually in season in the Mid-Atlantic this week? Lots and lots of greens. We have your lettuce, your cabbage, your pak choi (so much freaking pak choi), your mizuna, and, lest we forget, sorrel. An assload of sorrel. My colon better be clean like nobodies business. The last time I ate this much fiber was an unfortunate event in college in which I ran out of money a week before payday, but for some reason had many , many boxes of All Bran.
Oh my God- tell me again when the green leaf vegetables end? Oh right. Never.
  • Here is a list of things I did last week, presented in Yiddish:
    • Putzn the apartment
    • Kokhn many delicious things
    • Arbetn as lazily as possible with out getting Opgezogt.
    • Zukhn Mit Likht for a new Apartamenten. That last one was a total lie. Apartamenten isn't Yiddish.
  • My boyfriend J returned from a shopping trip, bearing a present for me in the form of a Madeleine pan. Last night, I made Madeleines that would make Proust get out of his crabby chair and kiss me. Then, on the way to work this morning, I realized that I have been collecting kitchen equipment at an alarming rate over the last year. Is this the gay man's equivalent to having too many cats? Will I end up throwing eclair pans at the neighbor kids when they get in my yard?

Damaging to both the waistline, as well as stupid children's heads.

  • Next Week: The beach! It's my first east coast, going-to-the-shore, beach-house type vacation. I am so excited I could explode.


HRH King Friday XIII said...

Get back in the kitchen and make me some blueberry pancakes, bitch.

MB said...

Fatty wants cookies. And homemade mozzarella!!!