06 July 2007

Good Bye Politics, Hello Gold Medallions

That's right. For the next week, I will be enjoying the sun along the Jersey shore, baking myself to a golden brown, swimming in the pristine waters (I'm sure), barbecuing and sitting on my very own porch as I enjoy my first down-the-shore-east-coast beach holiday. I have been promised Guidos with fake sunglasses and gold chains. I have been promised an outdoor shower. I have been promised Atlantic City. I am holding New Jersey to it. I promise stories when I get back. Until then, time for some chillax. And yes, I am aware that word is never going to catch on, but I shall continue using it.

It's gonna look just like this, except with more Jews and Italians. Also, I'll be there in the middle looking awesome.


MB said...

Watch out for washed up used needles. Or does that only happen in my grandma's imagination?

Thanks for the kale!

HRH King Friday XIII said...

bon voyage! bring me back a washed up dead mafia informant!