07 August 2007

The Next Big Thing

Yeah, so, well, it’s hard to say this, cubicle. I know, we’ve had some great times. Remember when I was 21 and got my first real job working in a cubicle? Yeah, we were so close then. I used to keep delicious treats in your drawers. I hung pictures. You didn’t feel like the beige interior of some airless crypt. Not yet, anyway. But now, well, we’ve grown apart. I hate you now, Cube.

Also, office humor? Yeah, I am kind of done with you. No more laughing about the weather with that old guy from down the hall who always talks to me like we are friends but who I have never actually met. You, fluorescent lights humming away, maddeningly, as the air conditioning units whoosh, and all one can hear is other people typing and it makes you go all sallow and like you might just breathe out and never breathe back in? I am done with you, too.

Precious computer, you I will miss most of all. I mean, I know that I will still have you at home and all, but there is a certain bliss to reading page after quivering, electronic page of bad blogs and google searches, the New York Times and all those British papers that are so much fun to read, until one is hardly conscious. One continues reading until your only ability is to click a link and scroll silently down with that rolly-button-thing in the middle of the mouse, knowing that this is easier than watching the clock for quitting time. I love you, but you are bad for me. You make me numb.

I am going to be a cook. I hesitate to say chef, as that implies that I actually know something about running a kitchen. Maybe I can call myself that in a couple years. I was accepted to culinary school, and I am never going to work in a cubicle again. It’s pretty exciting. I can’t wait to start. It’s going to be hard work, and the hours are terrible. But for me, I need to do something different. Just once, once in my life, I want to have a job that I am excited about doing. I am trading in my 401(k) security for something more exciting and dangerous. I might regret this, but really, what decision doesn’t come with regrets? .

I’ve been aching to blog about the process leading up to this career change, but my old job would have been less than impressed had they found out about my ship-jumping plans. Do excuse, I beg. But now, who really cares. What are they going to do, fire me again? No, shan’t.

October 2, the big day. Wish me luck!


Cavy said...

Wow, gutsy move. Good for you. Cooking certainly beats cubicle, even if there's less security. Good luck!

MB said...

Speaking of big things, Mary is MOVING TO CAMBODIA FOR TWO YEARS. She randomly slipped it into conversation at dinner tonight.

mlf said...

And you're not getting your MFA in Creative Writing, why? You're talented.