23 October 2007

An Uncomfortable Warm Feeling

So I was waiting for my car to get fixed late this afternoon and perusing the Washington Post, enjoying one of the reasons I love Washington. Seriously, the Post is one of the best things, ever. I flipped the page and there was this whole section of attractive military guys, sort of like a year book.

I had been trying to decide which one was the hottest for about five minutes when I realized that I was looking at all the service people who died this fall.


Sorry about that.


HRH King Friday XIII said...

I find myself doing that too on occasion, and it makes me feel awful after I wipe the drool from my face and reflect on their tragic deaths. But it also has this effect of reminding me how young these kids are and what great potential we're losing.

Is that a good enough save?

The King said...

That would be a good enough save if you mentioned their tight, tight asses. But you did not.

Plus, I got the highest score out of my class today in cooking school. I rock. So much.