24 December 2007

Home for the Holidays Daily Update: December 24

J. and I drove my grandma to my parents house from Kansas City. Every time I come back to Kansas, the wide openness of it all takes my breath away- flying down I-70 at eighty five miles an hour, we pass a car maybe every five minutes. Arriving at the homestead, it's disarray and madness. Last week my parents had no electricity because of an ice storm, while at the same time remodeling their kitchen. The kitchen was completed, but none of the holiday arrangements were. So J and I flew to the store, mixed and baked and got a little bit tipsy doing so- but everything was ready by Christmas Eve.

I would never say it out loud, but all the mixing and baking and wrapping and decking and twinkling shininess of Christmas makes me all nostalgic and emotional.


Mrs. Manges said...

All the Christmassyness at my Kansas household makes me want to pass out drunk in a snowdrift and die. But now I am home. Hurray!