23 December 2007

Home for the Holidays Daily Update: December 23

So, Christmas is a big deal in my family. There is a lot of eating, general merriment, and of course, repressed passive-aggressive tendencies because everyone becomes eight years-old again when you go home. Kidding! Our family would never be passive-aggressive: it's just that if you didn't eat so much, you would be thinner. That's all I am saying and I am saying it because I love you.

That's right, up front they get coffee in real mugs and employees at least act like they give a shit about you. Viva la revolucion, when the working classes will break through that flimsy curtain and take the real china and free drinks that is rightfully theirs.

J. and I got bumped up to first class, where I drank many a Baily's and coffee out of a real coffee cup and stared out the window, regretting that I don't get to fly more. Then, on our connecting flight, we sat in coach, where we belong, and I felt warm and fuzzy about the fact that I no longer travel for work.

What is the lesson here, children? Booze makes all the difference.


Tired of travelling with 2 children said...

What the @#(*&$#($&*!? How did you swing that? I am so impressed.

Today I sat with my fat ass crammed into a seat (tray tables in armrest) designed for a woman half my size. One row in front of me was the first class. The 60% empty first class. They did not get mugs though. Just box lunches with applesauce and pretzels.

Where is my Gulfstream 5??