27 December 2007

Home for the Holidays Daily Update: December 27

My sister, who is ostensibly a college student, also works at Sears. She used to sell tires and spoilers and new shocks, but now she has been promoted to fixing tires and installing new shocks. She is over the moon about it.

I have never heard her mention something that she learned at University, but she talks all the time about fixing things for Sears. As long as she is happy, I don't care what she does. Especially as long as she lets me wear her Sears jacket. I love wearing her Sears jacket.

Yes, I am holding a pitchfork.


NG said...

Awesome jacket. I've got a couple of Sears shirts from The KingofHearts' days there. They say "Tool Expert" on them. I find that much funnier than everyone else does.

Jerry Gittle said...

That picture is going to show up someplace very hilarious that you can't even imagine. In about 5-7 days. I love it. Maybe I'll have it made into a shirt too. Whoa. A picture of a shirt on a shirt. Blows the mind.

The Secular Friend said...

That color is quite fetching on you, Breanna.