16 December 2007

Three Months of Cheffing

I could write a long thing here about blah blah blah how great going to culinary school is, but I won't. On Monday I have my final practical examination for Phase I which marks the half way point in class work, and a quarter way though the entire program. Instead I leave you with the five greatest things I learned, and the three worst.

The Greatest

Meat Braised with Wine is the best food in the world. This technique rocks far and wide and always brings all the boys to the yard. Or something. It is great, and the only reason that western civilization hasn't actually fallen apart yet. Beef bourguignonne, coq au vin, short ribs braised in red wine, modern American barbecue, carnitas, goulash.... all of this deliciousness stems from this one technique. Amen.

Do Not Fear the Alternative Meat. Rabbit? Yes Please. Goose? I think more like this. Venison? Yes. Boar? I'll take five pounds. Calf livers? I was skeptical, but ultimately wrong. Sweetbreads? Well, when we were preparing them they sort of oozed in this uncomfortable manner as if they were self-ambulatory and trying to excape. But they were ever so delicious.

Puff Pastry. A thousand layers of delicate pastry separated by 999 layers of delicious butter? A golden wall of flakey layers that I created with my own two hands and a rolling pin? So this is what it feels like to be God.

Salt. Everything needs salt to taste like itself.

I can do this. I am really good at it. My hands sometimes seem to be working by themselves, as if they know what to do so I can sit back and relax. It feels good to let them go.

The Worst

Screaming is the acceptable form of encouragement and criticism in most kitchens. Not looking forward to that.

I look stupid in my magic cooking dress. Also, cooking is hard physical work. I am tired and sore most days.

Hell is other people. OK, I knew this already, but this class is definitely cementing that impression.

Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow!


Princess Amber said...

Wow. Good luck. Good luck not eating it all before it gets marked. Big love.


HRH King Friday XIII said...

It's go-time, mister. Good luck!