08 April 2008

It's Sharing Time.

These are the things that make my world go round today:

A shiny new blog that my friend the Princess (no, not you Chris.) referred me to that made me spit milk out of my nose this morning. A sample, for your enjoyment.

You know you have them: excess bananas, malingering on your kitchen counters and gradually outliving their usefulness. Unless you’re one of those locavore people who only eat food produced within 1.3 miles of your Berkeley home*, which you built by hand from local stone carried block by block from your homemade quarry (it was a fun family weekend project!). You can go back to steaming your fresh-picked asparagus in the sparkling spring water little Timmy just gathered from the stream running behind your renovated eco-friendly but historically-accurate bungalow. Great job smelting those pots and pans!

I kid because I love! I’m pro organic, local foods that have not spent three weeks sitting in a refrigerated tractor trailer, and look forward to the start of the CSA season. But you know what else? I also love a frigging banana.

Yes. We all love frigging bananas. Also, I love you.

Find more at Thursday Night Smackdown, where she loudly (I imagine) and profanely cooks some damn fine foods.

A Public Service Announcement Brought to You By the Bank of Ghana (and sent to me by the English Guy).

That's right. The Bank of Ghana.

Well, I would hope that if inflationary pressures ever exploded here in the United States and we had to chop off the last four zeros of our currency just so one paycheck wouldn't have to be stuffed into a duffel bag we would get a song this good. But I doubt it. Remember! THE VALUE IS THE SAAAAAAAAAAME.

My favorite part? The harmony on the last word: "TRANSACTIONS!". These people LOVE this new money!

I am pondering the wonder that is my new cookbook. It arrived yesterday from Canada (I don't know why. I ordered from an American company. It was printed in SE Asia and is published by a British house. The wonders of globalization never cease.) But thats not what makes it a wonder to ponder. It is the fact that the entire cookbook IS ABOUT PIE. That's right. PIE.

Full of delicious photography, I've been basically licking the pages for about an hour. I'm not proud. For Americans, pie usually means fruit in pastry, but it can be sooooooo much more than that. Pie can be savory, and full of meat or fish or sausage or any number of things that I want to eat RIGHT NOW. The British are pretty good at pies, and soon, I will be, too.

My favorite thing about this cookbook? It unabashedly calls for lard. And I am going to buy some.


MB said...

I challenge you to make me a 3+ course meal where the food is served in nothing but pie form.


NG said...

That is the coolest cover for a book I have ever seen in my life.

Shrimp-kabob pie, shrimp creole pie, shrimp gumbo pie, pineapple shrimp pie, lemon shrimp pie, coconut shrimp pie... that's about it.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

That book looks DELICIOUS! Throw some whipped cream on it and I'll eat it chapter by chapter.

Cheat to Win said...

I love the currency video. Because it's amazing.

But, to be honest, that first blog just isn't that funny. Sorry?