12 May 2008

Insane Month Ends With Insane Reversal Of Role. Audiences Stunned.

So, I'm the intern. Or I was. Now I am the boss. What do you think of that? Yeah, it makes me queasy, too.

It's like if you were working hard at your place of employment and then all the sudden the guy they hired as a temp became your boss.

Let's hope that you really like that temp, because I am that guy.

That. Guy.

I work with about fifteen really talented cooks. They are all Hispanic. Only one of them speaks English well, and he is almost finished studying to be an electrician. He doesn't want to be a sous chef. So, because I never had to crawl through the desert to make a better life for myself, and my parents were born here, speaking the English, I get to be the boss. Blah blah blah, managerial experience, blah blah blah, computer skills, blah blah blah. Let's be honest. Those things I have because I was born here.

Don't get me wrong, I am going to do a fucking awesome job of being the boss. But don't think I don't know why I got where I got.

But for fifteen minutes, I am going to celebrate going from intern to sous chef in the shortest time ever. Ever! When I started this whole culinary world experiment I promised myself I would stop trying to micromanage fate, and I would just let the universe provide.

Hurray Universe! Hurray! HURRAY!


english guy said...

I can't believe you just leaped 173 levels of cheffery in 6 months!! This time next year you'll have your own TV show and a range of kitchenware selling on QVC.

Well done mate, I think you're a natural boss and it'll be a great experience for you. Now go and tell 'em what you think.

The King said...

I'm gonna have one more beer and then, I'll tell them what I really think. Wait, maybe I will leave that style of management for people in bars.

HRH King Friday XIII said...

Congratulations, el jeffe.

MB said...

The universe needs to provide me with some free cheese trays, that's what *I* say.