17 December 2008

I just talked with J. He's on the otherside of the world right now, learning Thai. While I am so happy that technology provides a means that I can call him while also shopping for groceries at Safeway, I feel hollow. I think that hollow feeling is me missing him. Alot. He's twelve hours ahead of me. And I'm twelve hours behind him. And that's where we'll be until the end of January.

And I don't like it.

12 behind, and 12 ahead. Fail.


MB said...

But on the bright side, now you can see into the future 12 hours. Oh, and don't forget all the hilarious souvenirs.

Arjewtino said...

Did you ask him what the future is like? I bet it's wonderful.

NG said...

MB and I will help you get over that hollow feeling. Just come over and watch our kids for a few hours.