12 December 2008


A point in time in which one doesn't quite know what to do...that's my kind of singularity. That's what I've got right now. My boyfriend leaves for Thailand tomorrow and I feel kind of lost. Directionless. He'll be gone for six weeks, and I guess I have to remember what it's like to not have a partner. I mean, it's not like he died or anything, but still.

It's going to be quiet in here.


Princess Amber said...

Poor Badger! I know how you feel. One day two boyfriends left me to go travelling in one day! I mean, It wasn't like they died or anything, and I knew I would see them again (and I have and I will and it's awesome), but it felt a lot like they left with my left leg, my kidneys and my right eye and 44% of my heart in their backpacks!

Hello Costa Rica?

MB said...

Bitches, I gots all the time in the world now. Vive la preschool!!

echidna girl said...

You could take up a hobby like collecting rubber ducks or competitive Lego building then surprise him with the newly decorated flat in 6 weeks time.

the princess said...

We can hang out more!