05 December 2008

I'm Taking Over the World

I started a business today. It took like five minutes. I started doing some consulting work, and since I can't afford liability insurance, I decided to hide behind a corporate shell. Hurray laissez faire capitalism! No, for serious: appearantly, in America, by signing my name to a peice of paper, I can kill children as long as I do it as a representative of my fake corporation.

I can't believe that in the same city that cancelled my driver's license for no reason at the drop of a hat allows someone to set up a corporation in, seriously, five minutes on the webbertubes. Click, print, write a check and guess what? I'm the CEO of Square State LLC. That's right.

C. E. O.

I plan on taking a ridiculous compensation package and then getting bailed out by the federal government. Hurray!


MB said...

Clearly I should have incorporated in DC rather than VA. In VA I paid way too much for an underqualified attorney and an accountant too. Also I get to fill out numerous ridiculous forms every month that the Dept of Taxation then loses. And then pay late fees on those forms. Good times.

But on the plus side I'm now also an S Corp and TOTALLY the man. Take that, IRS.

echidna girl said...

Warren Buffet better watch out, then.

Anonymous said...

Beware corporate veil piercing! Make sure you follow formalities and maitain a degree of separate between personal and corporate (i.e. bank accounts). Otherwise, a creditor or tortfeasor could pierce your veil (you might like that though).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you probably shouldn't rely on your limited liability protection to kill children...I hope there isn't a market for that kind of consulting.