07 April 2009

An Open Letter to the POTUS

President Obama-

No, really, you are doing a great job. Is it hope we can believe in? Unclear, but what it seems to be so far is soft hearted pragmatism. That's all I ask for. Let's look at the mess we have ourselves in and decide to do the best with it that we can, and let's try to make the solution not destroy the lower or middle class.

I think it is hilarious to listen to Fox News parrot on and on about how forcing the CEO of GM out signals a new “socialist blueprint” that the agenda is following, or to read The Economist drone on and on about interfering in the free market while glibly calling it “Government Motors”. I can't believe that I just lumped Fox News with the Economist, but there it is.

Guess what: I don't care if the President made the CEO quit. It affects me not at all. I hope you start firing people right and left. It makes the business world jumpy that “some egghead in Washington”, to quote a Fox talking head, could analyze the situation, see that appropriate remedy had not been implemented, and told the boss-man to get out. That is exactly what happens to every worker who doesn't do what their boss asks of them. They get fired. And as soon as the car companies took tax dollars to cover up their own years of failing management, they became employees. See? Some other egghead in Washington was also able to clearly analyze a situation. It's not rocket surgery. Keep up the good work.


PS. I would totally love, like OMGZ, some health care if you could hook that up.
PPS. Tell Michelle to show those arms off. She looks best when she is holding up that flag for working motherhood that people seem to want her to drop. Maybe that's how those arms got so toned.

Carpet we can believe in.