14 April 2009

Self-Employeed Tuesday

Sitting snug at my kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the rain, I realize that I haven't put on any pants (that's trousers for you foreigners) yet. And it's 11 am. But I've been working. And that makes me decide if working from home is the best scam ever, then working for yourself is the biggest scam in the history of scamola. It's the boyband of jobs: you hate them, but how did they get their hair so perfect?

God I love it. No office, and therefore no uncomfortable office birthday party in which everyone stands around and makes small talk before trying to grab a piece of cake and slip away unnoticed. No boss, so really, if you want to search craigslist for mopeds or read what the interweb has to say about building your own sauna before you answer any emails, then that is what you do. I mean, you have to do work sometime, but let's be honest: out of the 40 hours one spends at the office, most of the work can be completed in like ten hours.

Actually, let me correct myself: all of the work can be done in ten hours. Or at least that's how it worked out for me. I am sure that some of you are out there saving babies and nursing the rainforest back to health and recycling whales or whatnot, but I was making a lot of flow charts. Granted, I get paid for about ten hours of work, but whatever. Either this will work out or it won't. It's about fifty-fifty right now.