05 April 2010

Yinz are Jagoffs. Gumbands!

Josh and I had a scheduled mini-break for the weekend. It was going to be in New York- I'd bought some very romantic bus tickets to ride us up to the big lights in style, and we had grand plans of eating falafel, french fries, drinking at dive bars, and being grungy, but in an out-of-towner way. Unexpectedly, the death of a man two thousand years previous really makes people want to go to New York for the weekend, leaving, fittingly, no room at any of the inns.

Plan B was Pittsburgh, which was unexpectedly delightful. I mean, I think living there all the time would do me in, but visiting for a weekend was fantastic, not least because they use a bunch of words that should have died out along time ago, including gumbands instead of rubber bands. Because it's Pittsburgh, we stayed at a four star hotel for half the price hostel beds were going to cost in New York, beer was $1, and we went to see an Arthur Miller play, The Price, which was unexpectedly fantastic. Also: ate donuts, rode an incline, ate a pork shank, had something called a Strong Island Iced Tea which caused dancing later in the evening. Weekend success.

In summary: we are easy to please.

Careful now, I've heard it inclines.

That's one hell of an incline. Cleveland's got nothing on you Pittsburgh.

It's all here in Pittsburgh.